Available Properties


Whether you are a new or expanding business, find your next piece of real estate in Schertz. Between the growing metro markets of San Antonio and Austin lies an 80-mile-long economic development corridor running along Interstate 35. This San Antonio-Austin Corridor is one of the fastest growing in the United States, with a population increase of 1.5 million projected by 2030. Schertz-based companies can strategically place themselves in the middle of this emerging consumer market via one of our multiple available properties.

Instructions: Click on a property name to download its flyer. For additional information on properties, contact the agent listed on their brochures. Properties listed on this page are only a selection of those available in the community (the SEDC only tracks sites that are 15,000+ sf or 25+ acres). For smaller listings, please click here to be taken to a third-party site.


Industrial class A and B space, privately owned and ready for immediate occupancy

  1. 1150 Schwab Road – 409,685 sf
  2. Enterprise Building III – 360,000 sf
  3. Enterprise Building V – 188,000 sf
  4. Tri-County Crossing 2 (Under Construction) – 106,424 sf
  5. Tri-County Crossing 1 (Under Construction) – 76,458 sf
  6. Enterprise Building II – 76,685 sf
  7. 7377 Doerr Lane, Commerce Park 5 – 77,500 sf
  8. 1012 Assembly Circle – 35,200 sf
  9. Enterprise Business Plaza – 25,138 sf


Immediate access to industrial grade utilities and adjacent to roadway(s)

  1. Titan Industrial Park – 171 Acres (Industrial)
  2. IH-35 Hubertus – 119 Acres (Multi-family/Industrial/General Business)
  3. Hubertus Road – 103 Acres (General Business/Industrial)
  4. Hartman – 98 Acres (Industrial/General Business)
  5. Wiederstein Road – 96 Acres (General Business/Industrial)
  6. Schwab Road – 92 Acres (Development Agreement)
  7. Interstate 35 Frontage – 85 Acres (Industrial/General Business)
  8. Red Iron – 85 Acres (Industrial/General Business)
  9. Maske Road – 37 Acres (General Business)
  10. Weiderstein Corner – 30 Acres (General Business)
  11. 22015 South Interstate 35 – 28 Acres (Industrial/General Business)
  12. David Lack Boulevard – 25 Acres (Industrial)
  13. Doerr Lane – 24 Acres (Industrial)


If you are a developer with a Schertz listing that fits our criteria (existing building of 15,000+ sf or development ready land of 25+ acres), email us to request your site be added to this webpage.


Schertz has grown tremendously over the past ten years, both in population and as a business community. Explore this growth and why locating a company here can be a strategic investment.