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The City of Schertz electric service providers include CPS Energy, Guadalupe Valley Electric Coop (GVEC) and New Braunfels Utilities (NBU).

CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned energy utility providing electricity and natural gas service to the portions of Schertz within Bexar, Comal and Guadalupe counties. CPS Energy owns and operates generation plants that utilize nuclear, coal, natural gas and renewable energy. CPS’s total generation capacity is over 7,000 megawatts. Because CPS Energy owns and operates its plants, they are able to maintain competitive pricing that are often the lowest in Texas. Today, CPS Energy serves more than 728,000 electric customers and 328,000 natural gas customers in and around the San Antonio region. For more information on commercial electric and natural gas  service, call (210) 353-3333 or visit

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) provides electric service to portions of the City of Schertz that are within Guadalupe County. GVEC’s electric system encompasses over 256 miles of 138 kV and 69 kV transmission lines with 57 power transformers, supplying power to 34 distribution substations. GVEC has 7,994 miles of overhead distribution line and 716 miles of underground distribution line, leading from these substations, bringing electricity Schertz homes and businesses. To find out more about GVEC’s commercial electric service, call (210) 658-7033 or visit (Note: Rates not available for display)

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) Provides electricity for commercial and residential customers in the northern portions of Schertz. The NBU electric system consists of 770 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines. NBU customers enjoy some of the most competitive electric rates in the state.  For additional information on commercial service, call (830) 629-8200 or visit

CPS Commercial Electric Rates
Service TypeService ChargeEnergy ChargePeak Billing RatesNon-Peak Billing Rates
Base Commercial Electric Rate$8.75$0.0719 Per KWH for first 1600 KWH

$0.0332 Per KWH for all additional KWH
$0.0198 Per KWH greater than 600 KWH$0.0100 Per KWH greater than 600 KWH
Large Lighting and Power Electric Rate$175.00$0.0425 Per KWH for first 200 KWH

$0.0397 Per KWH for all additional KWH
$10.00 per KW$7.50 per KW
Extra Large Power Service Electric Rate$1000.00$0.0380 Per KWH for first 250 KWH

$0.0339 Per KWH for all additional KWH
$11.40 per KW$8.75 per KW

NBU Commercial Electric Rates
Service TypeMonthly Service ChargePeak Billing RatesNon-Peak Billing Rates
Small General Service $20.00$0.0552 per kWh$0.0452 per kWh
Large General Service $30.00 to $3,750

(determined by kVa aggregated)
$0.0500 per kWh$0.0400 per kWh

City of Schertz Electricity Service Area

View Schertz Electric Utility Service Areas in a larger map

Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy and CPS Energy are the major natural gas services providers for the City of Schertz. CenterPoint Energy is a publicly owned gas and electric distribution company. Currently CenterPoint Energy provides service to 1,500 residential and commercial users throughout the City. For specific questions please call the CenterPoint Energy Area Manager at (830) 643-6903 or visit

CenterPoint Energy Commercial Gas Rates
Service TypeCustomer ChargeCommodity Charge
Small Volume-General Service$27.96All Ccf @ 14.65: $0.1046

All Ccf @ 14.95: $0.1067
Large Volume-General Service$148.09All Ccf: $0.0412

Click Here for Centerpoint Energy Service Territory Map

CPS Energy Commercial Gas Rates
Service TypeService Availability ChargeRate Per CCFAdditional Charges
General Commercial Service Gas Rate$9.55$0.490 for all CCFN/A
Class B Commercial Gas Rate$40.00$0.473 for the first 6,000 CCF$0.396 for all additional CCF
Large Volume Commercial Gas Rate$375.00$0.316 for all CCF$1.25 Per CCF/Day (Winter Billing)

$0.95 Per CCF/Day (Non-Winter Billing)


The Schertz-Seguin Local Government Corporation (SSLGC) provides and manages the water supply for the City of Schertz. This joint municipal venture has successfully ensured water for the City of Schertz for the next 50 years. SSLGC draws its water from the Carrizo Aquifer in Gonzales County, Texas. Peak loads are approximately 19 million gallons per day. SSLGC began actual production in September 2002 and has continued to grow to serve the Cities of Schertz and Seguin as their primary water source. SSLGC maintains a strong wholesale water customer base including contracts with the Cities of Selma, Universal City, and Converse, as well as Springs Hill Water Supply Corporation and the San Antonio Water System.

For commercial water connections, call (210) 619-1100 or visit the SSLGC website.


The Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority has provided wastewater treatment service to the cities of the Randolph region for more than 30 years. In doing so, the Authority has been the recipient of both state and federal awards, winning the Texas Water Commission Operation Excellence Award and the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Operation and Maintenance Award. Dramatic growth in the area has prompted CCMA to invest heavily in order to continue to provide needed capacity for the future wastewater treatment requirements of Schertz. The CCMA currently operates at 70 percent of capacity.

For commercial sewer connections and more information, call (210) 658-6241 or visit

Solid Waste

Bexar Waste provides garbage and trash service for the solid waste within the City of Schertz for residential and commercial customers. Bexar Waste currently has recycling services for newspaper & mixed paper, glass containers, plastic containers, corrugated cardboard & boxboard, aluminum, tin, and bi-metal cans. For more information contact the Schertz business office at 210- 619-1000 or Bexar Waste at 210-566-5454


Time Warner Cable and AT&T are the major telecommunications providers for the City of Schertz. Many sites within the community are serviced by both providers for increased data transfer and redundancy. The City is apart of the San Antonio area that has an extensive fiber network consisting of over 10,000 fiber sheath miles and over 700,000 fiber strand miles. Please contact the providers directly for location, service and billing information.

For more information about rates, availability and capacity, visit Power to Choose or the Texas Public Utility Commission.


Sources: CPS Energy, GVEC,  NBUCenterpoint Energy

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