Economic Development Week (#EconDevWeek) is a program run started by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) that focuses on the promotion of programs and tools that help grow local economies.

Within the City of Schertz, economic development is a group effort that involves the City of Schertz Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), elected officials, boards and commissions, city staff & departments, and a variety of area partners. Together we work to grow our economy by attracting & retaining Primary Jobs, pursuing infrastructure improvements, and providing workforce training.  

Learn more about economic development through these useful FAQs, provided by the IEDC:

What is Economic Development? 

Economic development is the intentional practice of improving a community’s economic well-being and quality of life. It includes a broad-range of activities to attract, create, and retain jobs, and to foster a resilient, pro-growth tax base and an inclusive economy. The practice of economic development comprises of a collaborative effort involving industry, government and myriad community stakeholders. (IEDC)

Who are Economic Developers?

Economic developer are professional practitioners of economic development. Economic developers have a code of ethics, profession-specific education & training, and a professional certification. With varying backgrounds and specializations, economic developers frequently provide both leadership in policy-making, as well as administering policies, programs, and projects in support of economic development. (IEDC)

What does an Economic Developer do?

Professional economic developers engage in a number of tasks to support their community’s economic development. While many economic developers may specialize in one or more areas, understanding the interactions of all is essential to success. Economic developers regularly engage in business retention & expansion, marketing & attraction, entrepreneurship & small business development, real estate development, technology commercialization, finance, workforce development, strategic planning, disaster recovery & resiliency, and international opportunities. (IEDC)

What are some local resources for Economic Development in Schertz?

The SEDC has several resources available for businesses looking to expand or relocate to Schertz. The SEDC Assistance Center is a one-stop resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners to find information on market information, available properties, development assistance, and information on how to connect with our regional partners. The SEDC and City of Schertz also offer targeted local incentives to help spur investment in Schertz. In addition to the SEDC’s incentives, the City of Schertz has two incentive programs that target investment programs: the Schertz Main Street Local Flavor Economic Development Program and the Schertz Main Street Preservation Incentive Program.  

Ultimately, economic development is the process of many individuals working to grow local communities. For more information on the SEDC’s efforts, explore our blog.