EDC Organization


The local government structure for the City of Schertz is Council-Manager, with the City Council and Mayor as the city’s elected officials. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council. City Hall, which includes city services such as Permitting, Municipal Court, and Economic Development. The Schertz Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is a nonprofit corporation and is an industrial development corporation under the Development Corporation Act, as amended, Title 12, Subtitle C1, Texas Local Government Code (the “Act”) and  governed by Chapter 501, Chapter 502, and Chapter 505 of the Act.

The affairs of the SEDC are managed by a board of directors which is composed of seven (7) persons appointed by City Council. The City Manager, or his designee, shall serve as the Executive Director of the SEDC to provide administrative support services for the advancement to economic prosperity for the City.


To create a proactive environment that encourages commercial and industrial development consistent with:

  • Attracting targeted industries.
  • Fortifying Business Retention and Expansion Programs
  • Providing a supporting tax base to balance increasing residential growth
  • Generate investment in less developed areas of the City.
  • Improving the Quality of Life

 SEDC Board of Directors

Tim Brown


Roy Richard


Katie Chain


Victoria Readnour


Paul Macaluso

Secretary – Treasurer

Mark Tew


Want to volunteer as a Board Member?

Appointment to the Schertz Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors is voted on and approved by the City Council.  Seven members comprise the Board of Directors at any given time and each member serves a two year staggered term.  The City of Schertz City Code of Ordinances establishes that persons who have resided in the City for at least twelve (12) months shall be considered for appointment to the board unless otherwise provided in the Code. The applicant must also have an interest in promoting the mission and welfare of the City.  The board meets the fourth Thursday of each month at the City Council Chambers. Members are expected to attend all meetings unless specific circumstances arise. If you are interested in applying for nomination to the board, you must complete and submit an application.  Nominations to the board , unless otherwise provided by the Charter or the Code of Ordinances, shall be made by the Council members. The City Council shall confirm nominations for appointment to the board in order for an appointment to be effective. Nominations are made as vacant positions need to be filled.

If you are interested in becoming a future SEDC Board Member please click the links below to read our Bylaws and review our City’s Board and Commissions Application. If there are any questions please give our offices a call or send us an email at: (210) 619-10170 or business@schertz.com