Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division works hard to ensure orderly growth and development within the City of Schertz and its extraterritorial jurisdiction. The City of Schertz requires conformance with its Unified Development Code (UDC) is the primary tool to regulate land development that not only promote quality, public health, safety and general welfare for its citizens, but also add long term investment and create long term partners in the community.The Planning and Zoning Department is committed to providing excellent customer service to the various groups we serve including builders, developers, land owners, neighborhood groups, city commissions, outside agencies and the citizens of the community.The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for various planning functions including:


  • Subdivision of Land and Platting
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Comprehensive, Long and Short Range Planning
  • Annexation
  • Development Plan Review
  • Variances


The City of Schertz Department of Engineering is to facilitate responsible stewardship of the community’s natural resources and physical assets by providing support wherever needed. Engineering collaborates with Public Works, Development Services, other City departments, citizens, developers, and other governmental agencies in order to effectively plan and implement infrastructure improvement and development for the organized growth of the City. The Engineering Department is responsible for various permit and inspection functions such as:


  • Grading and Clearing Permit
  • Development Permit  (Public Infrastructure Construction)
  • Fire Department Commercial and Residential Development Guidelines
  • Flood Plain Permit
  • Public Works Utility (locates) Permit Application
  • Public Works Design Guide
  • Public Works Technical Specifications
  • TIA Determination Form
  • Permit Fees and Applications
  • Standard Construction Details

Building Inspections

The Inspections Department is committed to the enforcement of life safety and building codes by enforcing the building, residential, electrical, energy, gas, mechanical, plumbing and backflow and cross-connection codes adopted by the City through permits and inspections.The Inspection Department is responsible for various permit and inspection functions such as:


  • Issuing permits for all construction in the City.
  • Performing inspections for all construction in the City.
  • Issuing Contractor Licenses for all contractors working in the City.
  • Providing support and enforcement of the City’s Unified Development code in cooperation with Planning and Zoning.
  • Investigating and resolving complaints regarding alleged code violations.
  • Conducting plan review of all proposed construction within the city limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) as applicable.
  • Assists departments with enforcement of city regulations and ordinances pertaining to Planning, Health, Engineering, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Fire and the Marshal’s Office.



Electric service is provided to the City from CPS Energy, Guadalupe Valley Electric Coop (GVEC) and New Braunfels Utilities (NBU). The provider is dependent upon the location of your property. CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned energy utility. CPS Energy owns and operates generation plants that utilize nuclear, coal, natural gas and renewable energy. GVEC primarily provides electricity to Guadalupe County. NBU provides electricity for commercial and residential customers in the northern portions of Schertz.


The Schertz-Seguin Local Government Corporation (SSLGC) provides and manages the water supply for the City of Schertz. This joint municipal venture has successfully ensured water for the City of Schertz for the next 50 years. SSLGC draws its water from the Carrizo Aquifer in Gonzales County, Texas. Peak loads are approximately 19 million gallons per day. The City of Schertz coordinates all setup and billing for SSLGC.

Providing water to Schertz most southern and northern regions is the Green Valley Special Utility District (GVSUD) which services approximately 26,000 customers covering portions of Guadalupe, Comal and Bexar Counties.

Natural Gas

CPS Energy and CenterPoint Energy are the two suppliers of natural gas within the City of Schertz. CPS Energy can supply the properties located along Lookout Road and Doerr Lane. CenterPoint Energy is the major natural gas provider for the City of Schertz. CenterPoint Energy is a publicly owned gas and electric distribution company. Currently CenterPoint Energy provides service to 1,500 residential and commercial users throughout the City.


The Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority (CCMA) provides wastewater treatment service to the City of Schertz. CCMA is recognized as an industry leader and has won awards from the Texas Water Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency. CCMA has made significant investments to ensure the needed capacity for future growth. CCMA currently operates at 70 percent of capacity. The City of Schertz coordinates setup and billing for CCMA wastewater.


Time Warner Cable and AT&T are the major telecommunications providers for the City of Schertz. Many sites within the community are serviced by both providers for increased data transfer and redundancy. The City is apart of the San Antonio area that has an extensive fiber network consisting of over 10,000 fiber sheath miles and over 700,000 fiber strand miles. Please contact the providers directly for location, service and billing information.