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Having a sound business plan is key to a successful business. This section provides an overview of the key information you will need to start and grow your business in Schertz. If you’re looking for additional information, contact our office and we’ll help you find it.

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Demographics (2019)


Median Home Value ($)

Avg. Household Size

Median Age

Median Household Income ($)


Residents With College Degree


Shown is information on Schertz workers from 2015, the latest data from the US Census’ OnTheMap program. This visual highlights the inflow and outflow of workers throughout the community.

Schertz is part of the San Antonio-New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Shown is an MSA comparison highlighting occupational employment numbers as well as hourly/annual wages.


Property tax rates in Schertz are among the lowest in the San Antonio and Austin regions. And yet, even with low property tax rates Schertz provides state-of-the art utilities, roads, emergency services, and educational facilities.

Property Taxes are levied on real and tangible (including inventory) personal property at the local level throughout Texas. All property is appraised at full market value and assessed by the local appraisal districts. The total tax rate is the sum of all local taxing jurisdictions/units including the county, city, school, and special district.

Schertz is located within three counties: Guadalupe, Comal and Bexar. Each area has its own taxing levy and, as result, the total tax rate depends on where your property is located. The Local Property Tax Rate tables below contain a general property tax rate for each county per $100 valuation.

Guadalupe Co. Property Tax Rates
JurisdictionTax Rate
Guadalupe County$0.330900
City of Schertz$0.514600
Lateral Road$0.051000
SCUC ISD1.490000
Comal Co. Property Tax Rates
JurisdictionTax Rate
Comal County$0.295191
City of Schertz$0.514600
Lateral Road$0.062730
Comal ISD$1.390000
Bexar Co. Property Tax Rates
JurisdictionTax Rate
Bexar County$0.277429
City of Schertz$0.514600
SCUC ISD*$1.490000

* There are multiple school districts & special taxing districts within Bexar County; please contact SEDC staff to identify your cumulative tax rate.




Sales and Use Tax is imposed on all retail sales, leases and rental of most goods, and taxable services throughout Texas. The City of Schertz sales and use tax rate is 8.25%. The state collects 6.25%, the City collects 1.5% and the county collects 0.5%.

There are many exceptions to the sales and use tax that can be found here. Some of the exceptions include: new and used manufacturing equipment, electricity and gas when more than 50% is used during the manufacturing process, and tangible personal property which is part of a product or will be consumed when producing a product.


Certain Texas businesses are required to pay a franchise tax. For more information visit the Texas Comptroller’s website.


There are no personal income taxes in Texas.


Utility Information

Some utilities are dependent upon the location of your property. The geographic locations listed under each utility are rough estimations.

All Properties: The City of Schertz serves as the retail point of contact for wastewater service, while the Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority provides the actual wastewater treatment service.

Majority of City Properties: The City of Schertz serves as the retail point of contact for water provision, while the water resource is managed by the Schertz-Seguin Local Government Corporation.

Far North and South Schertz: The water resource is managed by the Green Valley Special Utility District.

REDUNDENCY: Many sites within the community are serviced by both providers for increased data transfer and redundancy.
FIBER: The City is a part of the San Antonio area that has an extensive fiber network consisting of over 10,000 fiber sheath miles and over 700,000 fiber strand miles.

Majority of City Properties: CenterPoint Energy

Lookout Road and Doerr Lane Properties: CPS Energy

Community Profile

The Community Profile provides an overview of the City of Schertz, including details on the local labor force, major industries & employers in the community, and quality of life opportunities available to Schertz businesses and their employees. This Profile provides up to date information that can be easily printed or shared.

View and download the Profile by clicking here.


Immediate access is available to the I-35 and I-10 transportation corridors. I-35 runs north to south and nearly border to border, while I-10 spans the country from east to west.

Schertz is conveniently located 15 miles from the San Antonio International Airport (airport code SAT), which provides both air cargo and passenger services.

There are five transload facilities located with 40 miles of Schertz. Additionally, active Union Pacific rail lines run along the north side of the city allowing for potential rail spur access.

Schertz is located 190 miles from the Port of Houston and 150 miles from Port Corpus Christi, which provide access to a variety of international markets and supply chains.