Anyone who has lived in Schertz for a few years is likely aware of the changing economic landscape of the city. From new businesses and housing developments to infrastructure improvements, Schertz is clearly growing, and that growth means job opportunities for residents. Schertz is a thriving city as evidenced by the many new large and small commercial businesses moving to the area. Large employers, such as Amazon, Sysco Central Texas, FedEx, Caterpillar and Visionworks make it more likely than ever that Schertz residents can find employment much closer to home. In addition to the larger companies, there are a considerable number of small to mid-size companies that have also found success in Schertz. These include companies such as XPO Logistics, Innovation Technology Machinery (ITM), Pratt Industries, Axel Royal and more.

The Schertz workforce is dynamic in that there are various industries that offer both blue and white-collar jobs under the same roof. Sysco, one of the world’s largest broad line food distributors, has warehouse, fleet, sales, and finance positions available at their Schertz facility. Caterpillar Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, has material planning supervisors, production technicians, quality management, and engineering positions. LKQ Corporation, a leading provider of automotive alternative and specialty parts, offers sales, delivery, and warehouse jobs at their location.


After a company locates to Schertz, the Schertz Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) works just as hard to keep them as they did to attract them. The SEDC wants to be the first place a company calls to be connected with information or resources to ensure their success and longevity in Schertz. This support starts with site visits and quarterly business roundtable events, led by Jennifer Kolbe, Business Retention Manager. The roundtables give existing businesses a forum to discuss current issues and address areas of concern.

“Through our roundtables, we discuss various factors that impact businesses and we have found that the number one challenge our local businesses face is with workforce. By listening to our companies, we have learned that in the short term, they need help finding applicants. In the long term, they want to build a workforce pipeline that connects with local school and community college students,” Kolbe stated.

With the local unemployment rate as low as 3.4 percent in June, the job outlook is particularly good for Schertz residents. A low unemployment rate indicates Schertz residents are employed, but for new and growing Schertz employers, it poses a challenge. Because of the low unemployment rate, it is somewhat harder for employers to find applicants.


Job Board MobileTo help companies in the short term with the low unemployment rate, and build awareness of jobs, the SEDC has launched the Schertz Job Board on the SEDC website. The Job Board connects job seekers with local employers with the goal of growing the applicant pool. Once on the site, job seekers can easily scroll through the job board to find direct links to the latest job openings.

What are employers looking for in a job candidate? Experience in manufacturing or logistics is a bonus; however, Schertz employers have told SEDC staff they are looking for innovative talent with a strong work ethic. First and foremost, local employers look for trustworthy employees with a good attitude, that show up on time, are reliable and have good communication skills. Industry-specific job skills can be taught to good candidates, and most of Schertz’ employers are more than willing to provide training once they are hired.


With a tight labor market and low unemployment rate, there has never been a better time to work in Schertz. Schertz companies offer competitive wage and benefit packages, shorter commutes, job stability, and career advancement opportunities. “Schertz is a great place to work, and now is the perfect time to explore the many career opportunities in the area,” said Kolbe.

The SEDC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to grow the Schertz economy through projects that focus on job creation and retention, as well as infrastructure improvements. To further their mission, the corporation focuses on attracting and retaining primary job employers – companies that produce exportable goods and services. Once a company is established, the SEDC continues to provide support for the company as long as they have a presence in Schertz.

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Authors: Kia Villarreal & Jennifer Kolbe