This year, the City of Schertz Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) proudly celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

Since the SEDC’s inception on February 3, 1998, we have strived to enrich the lives of our community by attracting investment and generating new economic activity.

The mission of the SEDC is to grow the Schertz economy through Projects. Specifically, we pursue Projects that focus on the creation/retention of primary jobs and infrastructure improvement.

Over the past 20 years, significant SEDC Projects have included the strategic investment of infrastructure within our industrial parks, loans to expand our medical industry, and grants to both small and large companies to create new jobs in Schertz.

The SEDC could not have arrived this far without the dedicated support of our resident volunteers that have given their time to serve on the SEDC Board of Directors and City Council. The SEDC would also like to thank Guadalupe, Comal, and Bexar counties for their regional partnership in helping to promote economic development. Our sincerest gratitude to all who have helped along the way!

During the next 12 months, we celebrate the economic development Projects and companies that have helped make Schertz the premier city that it is today. Additionally, look for our 20th Anniversary logo on our website as well as on our marketing materials.